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Q Should the application form be written by hand ?

The application form can be filled in by hand or from a computer and printed.
This form must be provided in duplicates (one can be a copy) and your picture must be put on the two sheets.

Q Is that possible to apply for a visa without having a certificate of vaccination ?
A Yes, but vaccination is required at least ten days before entering the country. If an original yellow card cannot be submitted at the time of application, it needs to be checked when the visa is picked up. We recommend that applicants receive the vaccination at an earlier stage.

Q I got married and my name changed. Can I still use the yellow card (certificate of vaccination) ?
A Yes. The medical institute where you received the vaccination can emit a new card with your name.

Q Can we enter into Niger without any certificate of vaccination ?
A Yes. But only for children below 1 year old.

Q Can we apply for a visa without the original of the passport ?
A Your passport is required for the application. Passports are returned in indispensable cases, such as if seeking visas for other countries. In this case, please submit a copy of the passport. The original passport must be submitted when the visa is issued. Therefore, please submit the passport on the day before the visa is scheduled to be issued, if possible, or submit the passport at time of issue at the latest. Please note that you may need to wait at the Consulate for the visa to be placed in your passport if you submit it at time of issue.

Q Do you emit a receipt ?
A Yes, we issue a receipt if requested.

Q Living far from Tokyo, I can not go to the Consulate. Is that possible to do the process by mail ?
A Yes, although in this case, please place all necessary documents for the visa application as well as a self-addressed envelope in an envelope and send it by registered mail (applications by mail are generally sent by registered mail). Please place a stamp on the self-addressed envelope which will cover the cost of sending the passport (postage calculated using the weight of the passport), and print your name, address, and zip code on that envelope. Since the postage for registered mail varies according to passport weight, please contact the post office in advance for assistance.
In addition, applicants may request the passport to be returned via Letter Pack Plus. In this case, please send all necessary documents for the visa application together with a self-addressed Letter Pack Plus packet. When using this option, however, please check over the terms of use which can be found on the Japan Post Network website.
Note: Applications are normally submitted in person at the Consulate. This Consulate assumes no responsibility for mail related problems such as delays and lost mail.

Q Is that possible to get a visa within 2 weeks ?
A 2 weeks is an average time. We need to obtain a positive answer from the authorities in Niger and this can take time. Therefore, make sure to apply for your visa well in advance.
It is possible for JICA staff to be issued a visa approximately one week after submitting the application.   

Q Can a visa be acquired via a non-designated agency ?
A Applications can be submitted with a letter of attorney (in Japanese) from the applicant, but please use a designated agency if repeatedly making proxy applications.

Q What are the documents the travel agent must provide ?
A ①A summary of the historical points of the agency
②Seal registration from the president
③Company outline              

Q Do we need a visa for a transit ?
A A visa is not necessary if you stay in Niamey’s airport.

Q Should the non-Japanese applicants provide the same documents ?
A Non-Japanese residents of Japan can apply for visas. Exactly the same conditions apply regarding the documents that need to be submitted as for Japanese citizens.

Q  Is that necessary to contact the Consulate before applying for or receiving a visa ?
A Yes. Appointments are offered in 30 minute time frames.

Q Do you emit visas common to different African countries  ?
A  No.

Q Can we use an ATM for the payment of fees ?
A Yes. The payment of fees can be done by money transfer through ATM.
Please be aware that payment of the application fee cannot be made at the visa application counter.

Q Can I get a visa at Niamey’s airport ?
A No. The visa can only be obtained outside the country. You must get it before going to Niger otherwise you could not go onboard the plane in Paris, or any other airports with flights to Niger.

Q How many days or months ahead of our travel can we apply for a visa ?
A You can apply for a visa 6 months prior to your departure. (Once you get the visa, it is necessary to go to Niger within 180 days, otherwise the visa will be canceled)

Q What is the period for visas renewed in Niger ?
A From 1 month to 1 year depending on your request.

Q Should I have a flight reservation before applying ?
A  A proof, certificate of flight reservation (or a copy) is necessary to get a visa. In case you have not booked your flight, please provide us the dates and program of your travel.

Q Can we change the period of validity of the visa, once obtained ?
A Yes. It can be changed within its validity. The applicant’s passport with the reserved airline ticket, E-ticket (copy is acceptable), or itinerary must be submitted. It can be changed on the spot. However, please note that visas are only valid for up to maximum of 90 days for single entry, or valid for 180 days for multiple entries, or 180 days for multiple entry, so modification beyond that duration is not possible.

Q Can we change a single entry visa into a multiple entries visa ?
A Yes. Please provide us the new date and program of your planned travel, your flight ticket (a copy is OK) or a proof/certificate of reservation and we will proceed to change the visa.

Q When does the application fee need to be paid by ?
A Please pay on the day of application or before submitting your application. The visa issuance will be started after confirming receipt of payment.

Q I live outside Japan. Can I apply for a visa at the consulate in Japan ?
A No. Only residents of Japan can apply for visas at this consulate.
For more information, see details about embassies and consulates provided by the Niger Government: http://niger-gouv.org/representationniger.html

Q What do you recommend taking to Niger ?
A Bug repellent, such as mosquito stick, insect bite relief (ointment for insect bites), medical soap, antidiarrheal medication, malarial prophylaxis medication, etc.

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